Curriculum Intent


At Kettering Park Infant Academy we intend to create a holistic approach to the curriculum development meeting the emotional and educational needs of each individual child.

A significant proportion of children starting school in EYFS lack the wide vocabulary development and the spoken articulation for the effective development of early reading and writing. This is not an indicator of learning potential but merely a barrier to overcome.

The EYFS Framework and the national curriculum provide the basis for determining learning expectations and ensuring that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is a progressive well planned process.

The focus on speaking and listening, early reading and writing will be paramount allowing access to the broader curriculum. The curriculum will be led by quality identified children’s text with experiences and opportunities that allow children to be immersed in what they are learning and experiencing. Effective Strategies will be implemented to develop early academic progress and attainment.

We will create an inclusive culture where all children are valued and all their needs are emotionally met.

This is our Intent in the academy continued journey of improvement.