Approach to Learning

At Kettering Park Infant Academy,  we have reviewed the whole curriculum to ensure that it meets the diverse needs of our pupils. We have ensured that each subject has a clear approach and that the learning is clearly mapped out for each of our pupils. Our curriculum is based around our key drivers, PLANT (Personal growth, Love of learning, Aspirational, No one left out, Teamwork).

  We strongly believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced education that is just right for them. This will then enable them to thrive and enjoy the opportunities given to them by Kettering Park Infants.

Personal Growth - 

We want our pupils to grow, not only as learners but as citizens.
Our pupils are encouraged to care and show empathy.
We want pupils to take responsibility for their actions and think beyond themselves.

Love of Learning - 

We want our pupils to develop a love of learning and a desire to learn.
We want our pupils to be excited by their learning.
We encourage pupils to ‘have a go’ and celebrate progress.
We have consistency that allows pupils to build on knowledge.
Aspirational - 
We know that all pupils can achieve.
Our curriculum is designed to build year-on-year, maximising progress.
We want children to aspire to good employment
No one left out - 
We want every pupil to achieve their potential, regardless of backgrounds.
Lessons and topics are planned to include all pupils.
Pupils receive the support that they need to succeed.
Teamwork - 
Our curriculum allows pupils to collaborate and connect.
We give opportunities for pupils to articulate their thinking and share their knowledge, supporting knowledge retention.